Yaba Left Review is an online periodical dedicated to the publication of works that combine mastery of craft with fresh perspectives on the human condition.“Yaba Left” refers neither to an ideological leaning nor colloquial mental illness stereotypes. Rather, it is a genuflection in the direction of Yaba, a bustling hub that grew from the periphery of Lagos in the 1900s into the city’s centre today. From its pioneering psychiatric hospital, which puts the left in Yaba, and its iconic bars which once hosted the Highlife music greats of the 60s, to the glazed offices where Nigeria’s techpreneurs code a new vision for the continent, Yaba has a street for everyone.Yaba Left Review (YLR) will be the stomping ground for exploring nostalgia in all its ramifications; however, we will prioritize poetry and nonfiction. We will also privilege erstwhile unpublished writers and publish a suite of new poems with a guest introduction written by an older poet per issue.  Established writers are also welcome to submit previously unpublished works.