Three Poems – Zach Beach

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Three Poems - Zach Beach

Praise the Light of Late October

So soon we have reached the cusp

of October where we trade in

our apples and peonies

for pumpkins and sweet alyssum.

The outstretched arms of the United States winter

are already blanketed in white frost,

the ground hardening

like a pot in the kiln.

The light mahogany fur

of ground squirrels and groundhogs

are inflated with months of warmth,

as they finish the final scramble

for any last oaknuts.

We salt meat, preserve our fruits in syrup,

close the jars tightly

as we close up on the last

remnants of summer

and outdoor plans.

The breeze is cool

and carries the dead leaves

with it, turning

my nose a pale turquoise.

As the Earth’s golden hour

owers the volume on life,

we can finally sit by the fireplace

and share our inner stirrings over merlot,

or spiced tea.


Soft clouds whisper themselves

across the horizon

taking their secrets with them

to far off lands.

The sun clocks out,

finished with its work

for the day.

Birds return to their nests

and quiet their song

as the spirit of slumber

stretches its arms

over November’s frosty hills.

I don’t know who or what God is,

I don’t know how or why there is

such beauty

in the eyes of a lover

or in this sunset before me,

but I do know

there is something within.

There is something stirring in all of us:

the passengers on this earth ship,

always just below Heaven.

Is There More?

Are there only human ghosts?

Or is this supernatural realm

populated by swirling fish,

see-through sea cucumbers,

and floating pink coral?

Are there ghost gardeners

attending to their ghost orchids,

and ghost children blowing on

ghost dandelion seeds?

What if there are other

worlds just as vibrant

and beautiful as our own?

What if in death

we finally begin to dream?


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